Backpacking Boracay on a Budget


The Philippines by all means, was one of the most expensive region I’ve traveled to in South East Asia. Situated way out of the normal backpacking route, very few actually made it to this wonderful country, but for those who has (including myself) it was an absolute paradise. A month I spent in the Philippines. And […]

Hello, World Scratch Map


Gone were the days of misplaced geographical facts, and after several embarrassing moments where I argued Mongolia to be part of China (which, I recently learnt that it’s an independent country) – I went ahead and got myself a scratch map, and spent my mornings studying the continent. The scratch map has always been on […]

Diving in Perhentian Island

Photo 24-12-2015, 12 00 39 AM

While Koh Tao has been the leading hub for travellers to pick up on a dive license or two, Perhentian has now caught up to a close second – and here are the reasons why! 1. Amazing clear waters and beautiful beaches The photo above was taken straight from an iPhone 5 – no filters involved and this […]

Backpacking Vietnam : Sapa and the Highlands

Photo 09-11-2015, 10 34 10 PM

At one point while you’re visiting Vietnam, chances are you’ll find many travelers who spoke highly of Sapa. From lushful sceneries to the striking hill-tribe minorities, Sapa has been one of the main highlights of Vietnam – and it’s one of the few places that I would like to return to one day. After all the hustle and bustle […]

So I was told to get a ‘real’ job

Photo 10-25-15, 4 15 05 PM

“You really need a job, a real one. Instead of just wasting all the money you kind of have on travels you can barely afford, how about being realistic? You graduated like, a year ago? Giving you sound advice, no hate.” Though I normally let things slide & pass, this little bitter comment hit me […]