The World Scratch Map

December 24, 2015

This, was more like a want instead of a need. Oh you’ve seen it all across Facebook and Instagram. For £15.99 for a standard map it wasn’t exactly cheap either. I figured I’ll make a full use out of it, and decided to take the plunge – and I love it!

This has now earned a golden spot in my room, and every time I looked at it my heart burst in such excitements; it’s really, really pretty! I love that you can scratch away the countries that you’ve been, making it a great gift for travellers such as myself.

The map I got was the standard size map measuring at 82.5cm X 59.4cm, and to be honest it’s the perfect size. The map is now gracing the walls of my study desk and I absolutely adore it.

There’s actually a smaller version where you can fit into standard frames, and I was deciding between that for practical purpose. Then again I wanted a bigger map, so this was just perfect. It also came in a standard cylinder packaging where you can store the map however you like.

The golden foil covers each region perfectly; even outlining the little islands and the state borders of the United States which gives you excellent control of the area you can scratch off. The map also features several travel tips for certain countries, which I found to be helpful.

How you would like to scratch off the map is entirely up to one’s preference, in my case I’ve only been to Rome but decided to scratch the entire of Italy. Personally this makes a perfect gift for every travellers, and cheers to more countries to come! (and scratch too!) Till next time!

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By Alyssa J

Alyssa J is an aspiring traveller and a wanderlust writer, aiming to inspire and to share the little joys of the world. Follow on her journeys on The Jaren Wanders.

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