Miri Mariott Resort & Spa Ramadhan Buffet 2017

May 30, 2017

With the festive spirit of Ramadhan, the Miri Mariott Resort & Spa recently hosted a pre-ramadhan dinner for the orphans and corporate clients of the resort, as part of its effort to give back to the community. I had the chance to sample this year’s Ramadhan Buffet with the rest of the Sarawak Bloggers, and I had to admit – I actually spent the whole weekend nursing a serious case of food coma.


Here’s a little confession, I really, really like Mariott’s Ramadhan Buffet. Upon entering Zest my eyes went straight to the desert table, and look how exquisite these beauties are! I wouldn’t say I have that much of a sweet tooth, in fact I’m pretty picky with my desserts. But Mariott’s selections had me salivating for good ten minutes as we went around taking pictures – before someone destroys this masterpiece (in other words, start eating).

To welcome the holy month of Ramadhan, Miri Mariott Resort & Spa offers guests an extravagant iftar feast to share the bliss of the holy month. Towards the appetisers section, there were some mussels, sushi and various servings of ulams, salads and cold noodles to start the feast.

I was really excited to see mussels and sushi as part of the spread, as they were literally one of my favourite things in the world. To have them as appetisers earned a big yes from me, and they were both delish! The mussels were fresh, succulent and plump while the sushi selection leans more towards the decent side (if you’re imagining salmon rolls, you might be disappointed). Both are very satisfying though!

On the main course we have a scrumptious spread of top hit Ramadhan menus such as the shawarma, meat-fish from the grill station and rendang. I personally like the ayam masak merah, and the grilled lamb best. There were also noodle bars, ox tail stews and pasta served by the chefs – ones where you select your own pasta, sauce and fillings and they’ll whip it up for you in 5 minutes.

Local traditional drinks such as the air bandung and ABCs were also served, along with a coffee stand for those who wants caffeine to go with their dinner. In all honesty I must say the main star of the buffet spread would be the appetisers and the deserts. You simply MUST try the carrot cake. There is no excuse to it, it was the best part of the meal!


A total of 80 orphans were invited to the dinner, along with several other corporate clients of the resort. Towards the end of the dinner the kids each received duit raya and check out their happy faces! Way to spread the Ramadan spirit!

The Miri Mariott Ramadhan Buffet is priced at RM88 nett for adult, and half price for children aged 6 to 11 years. Furthermore Zest restaurant offers a promotion for every 20 paying diners, 5 will dine for free. That means you’ll only be paying for 15 diners out of the 20! However, this offer is only valid for the first week of Ramadhan. For the following week it’ll be for every 12 paying diners, and 2 will dine for free. So take advantage of this promotion while it lasts! For more information, feel free to contact Zest restaurant at +60 085421121 or email sales.miri@mariotthotels.com. You may also check out their Facebook page for more promotions!

Until next time! Ramadhan Kareem everyone, and safe travels!

By Alyssa J

Alyssa J is an aspiring traveller and a wanderlust writer, aiming to inspire and to share the little joys of the world. Follow on her journeys on The Jaren Wanders.

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