So I finally got myself a travel name card! 

June 7, 2017

It took me awhile before deciding on getting myself a name card. You see, I wasn’t too sure if I needed one. I’m still on the fence on how I should approach this site; how I market myself, my content, my branding.

But after several awkward moments during press conferences and media briefing – I finally took the plunge and placed an order. Because let’s face it, exchanging emails on scrap papers is not exactly professional isn’t it? It could work with phones too but I’m not exactly a text-or-call kind of person (I like emails best). And the result?

I love it.

I was aiming for something simple, yet delivers the message across. This beautiful fern layout caught my eyes and I decided to use it as my front, and simple texts at the back. My sister asked what does the fern have to do with my blog? Nothing. I thought it was just beautiful.

I got my cards done with for RM32 for 100 pieces, and delivery was faster than expected. In fact my cards arrived a week before it’s due! Placing an order was easy, all I had to do was upload my design via PDF, but you can get the company to design for you too! I opted for rounded corners and matte lamination, which I truly love. And the best thing? It’s free delivery all over Malaysia and Singapore!

Also, can you tell how much I love earth tones? Tell me what you think!

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So I got myself a travel name card

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By Alyssa J

Alyssa J is an aspiring traveller and a wanderlust writer, aiming to inspire and to share the little joys of the world. Follow on her journeys on The Jaren Wanders.


  1. Reply

    Eeca Shyaa

    Kacak card kitak!

    1. Reply

      Alyssa J

      Hahahaha thank you!! ☺️☺️☺️

  2. Reply

    Edazz Lucinda

    its beautiful dear… simple and neat…. 🙂

    1. Reply

      Alyssa J

      Thanks babe! ☺️☺️

  3. Reply

    Cyril Dason

    Fern represents yu are from the rainforest. Remembering your roots before you went on your journey. Well, at least that’s how I’ll interprete it.

    I also made my own business cards, but nowadays… i go out less, so my card kumpul habuk jak.. =P

    1. Reply

      Alyssa J

      Haha to be honest I feel so stingy giving them away…they’re like, my beautiful babies! Fern is so random, but yeah it make sense when you put it that way 😀 #anakborneo

  4. Reply

    David Hogan Jr (@MalaysiaAsia)

    Hallelujah girl! About time and congrats on this. Make sure you pass me one when we meet at RWMF ya?


    1. Reply

      Alyssa J

      Hahaha will do! See ya in Kuching! ☺️

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