Rise of the Hipster Cafes in Miri!

June 15, 2017

I’m no coffee connoisseur myself, but I do love some good coffees. While I can’t tell some beans apart, I do know enough to differentiate between a long black and an Americano. Also for the sake of comparison I’ve ordered only lattes in each and every cafes so let’s hop on to it!


1. ROUTE 66

Located in Lutong, this is one of my favourite cafe for coffee and ambience. I might be a little bias as I frequent here often (it’s really close to my place) but I do love their savoury choices. You have to try the Amazing Pie! So cheesy, and so good! I get really upset when it’s out of stock. The mac and cheese bowl is also a good option if you want a quick bite for lunch. Desserts wise I really love the brownie, and of course a cup of latte here is always great.

Fellow blogger Thanis Lim (check out his food blog here!) raved about the Moka Pot but I would beg to differ, my coffee was under extracted in many ways and it turned out sour. But that could be a personal preference because I do know my moka pot well; it’s one of my favourite ways to make coffee other than French Press. Shame I left it back in the UK!

FB | Address : Lot 1401 Of Parent Lot 991, Jalan Agama, Lutong, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia


A recent find! My brother spends a lot of time playing at the Eternity Arena above. Tired of waiting for him to finish his Dota tournaments I decided to stop by Brewhouse. And this my friend, is one of the best cafes in Miri! I absolutely love their coffees! Two thumbs up! Their range of brownies is also divine. Ambience wise this is a great place to whip out your laptop and do your work.

Plus, they have a wide option for coffee lovers too! They have coffee machines on sale, as well as Aeropress! Megan raved about it so much during our camping trip in Sheffield, seems like a good travel coffee kind of thing. Now you know what to get me for next Christmas ey?

FB | AddressLot 3549, Ground Floor, Al-Bayt Square, Blk 5, MCLD, Jalan Pujut-Miri, Miri, Sarawak


Cafeine Port was my very first introduction to the ‘hipster‘ cafes in Miri. Hipster because check out those industrial barrels used as a coffee table! I came here with the rest of the media press during Borneo Jazz Festival, and I felt like fish out of air. When did Miri got so hipster? 

Also their cakes and coffees are quite good. I especially love the ambience here, particularly the loft. It gets really crowded here at night though. So if you’re up for a lunch break, or coffee with colleagues Cafeine Port is a good spot. Located in Marina Parkcity this was a new find as I’ve been away from home for almost two years but hey industrial barrels are cool right?

FB | AddressLot 1964, Marina Parkcity Phase 2, Miri, Sarawak


Not too far away from Caffeine Port lies Koffee Brick, and naturally when you have two cafes within the same perimeter you’re bound to compare no? Not only do they have the same lofty features with comfortable sofas, they have that same hipster vibes when you walked into both cafes.

Between Koffee Brick and Caffeine Port, I’ll have to say Koffee Brick wins. I actually preferred Koffee Brick in terms of coffees and desserts. Ambience wise goes to Caffeine Port.

Try their Vietnamese drip coffee – and be sure to ask for ice! I have an affinity for iced Vietnamese coffee (it’s my favourite whenever I traveled to Vietnam!) and this one doesn’t disappoint. Also for non-coffee drinkers, their matcha latte is killer. I brought my mum here and she loves it.

FB | AddressLot 1943, Marina Park City Phase 2, Miri, Sarawak


Also located in Marina Parkcity, Chapter One is the other café within the two cafes listed above (as well as a Starbucks drive through. I guess Marina Parkcity is the coffee spot now). Ambience wise this is my favourite café to date, I absolutely love the array of books, cards and board games! It’s a great place to hang out too, and I love whipping out my laptop here to do some work. Definitely a productive ambience.

The coffee however, I’m not too sure. Twice I tried my latte here, and twice it turned out sour :( Thanis went to the café the other day and found their coffee to be great, maybe I just had a bad barista? Their desserts are impeccable though. And chicken pie. I also like their non-coffee options (after the bad lattes…I had to compromise with the productive ambience).

FB | Address : Lot 2288, Jalan Marina 2/1,, Marina Square 2, Marina Parkcity, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia


This is another favourite! The Maker’s café is one of the cafes that I’ll return to again and again. Ambience wise this is also one of the best; with its very chill, laid back and conducive environment. They have really interesting desserts here – check out ‘Mount Sinai’ which is essentially a lava cake. But oh so cute!

I especially love their lattes, and RM10 for a big mug it’s definitely good value. If you come here often you can collect stamps and redeem free coffees! The Makers however can get a little too Christian like for my liking, with coffee mugs heavily decorated with bible verses. If you can look past that (especially for non-Christian readers) this is undoubtedly one of the great coffee place in Miri.

FB | Address : S/lot 2376, Ground Floor, Boulevard Commercial Centre, Jalan Boulevard 1, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia


I think this is the newest addition to cafes in Miri. Situated in Lutong it is a little far out from the city, but the coffee here is great. I love the decors, and true to its name it is a motor’s café! Motors everywhere! I love their merchandise tshirts, and lego box collection on sale (totally random).

Their strong point here would be their coffee and dessert. I absolutely love the pavlova. It’s also a great place to hang out as we spent hours here playing monopoly deals and card games.

FB | Address : Jalan Sekolah, Kampung Tulang, 98000, Sarawak, Malaysia


I came here on their Buy 1 Free 1 coffee promotion (because I’m cheap skate like that) and ended up staying here the whole day! This is also one of those ‘hipster’ vibes café but with a more minimalistic approach. Their coffee is great, but the dessert options here are limited, there were barely cakes on display.

I do however love their food menu – their breakfast menu is the bomb! You also have to try their carbonara!

FB | Address : 7 5c, Jalan Pujut, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia


Another recent find! I was determined to try every cafes in Miri and stumbled upon this on Facebook. Based on their page it seems they specialise on afternoon teas (you know, the type with cake stands and everything, very tai tai). They have a very English vibe on their premise, and desserts here are great!! You have to try their blueberry tart!

I also like their lattes, however the only drawback to Ruffles café was the outdoor setting. It was too close to the main road for my liking, but if you’re up for good afternoon teas this is a lovely place.

FB | Address : Jalan Datuk Edward Jeli, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia


Update Jun 24th : So apparently the cafe’s closed for good, which was a shocker as I was just there myself just few weeks ago. I will update a number 10 soon as I hate incomplete lists. Such a shame though, their waffles were so good!

I wouldn’t classify this as a ‘cafe‘ cafe. The Seventh is more like those places that sells food along with in-house drinks. The reason why I came here was for the waffles, which was so good!! Their lunch set menu is also very affordable (think butter chicken rice with soup for RM8).
Coffee wise however, is just so-so. I ordered a latte and all I thought was meh. Sprinkles on top? We only do that when we messed the latte art (hey, I used to work at a café before too!). And that’s when I realised they don’t exactly specialise in coffees either. Their in-brand drinks however are very popular, like the recent Boba series. Waffles are served all day though!

Address : 2514-2516, Jalan Boulevard 2b, Boulevard Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia



Why does this makes into the list? Simply because they advertised themselves as your go-to hipster dish! Coconut ice creams are absolutely my favourite whenever I traveled to Thailand (there’s a place in Bangkok that sells them for 40 baht. Ah I miss Thailand!).

I was actually on my way back from the Niah Caves (read about it here!) before deciding to stop by Tusan beach – and boy has it changed a lot for the past two years! The ice cream was good – smooth coconut flavour, with toppings of your choices. Plus RM6 for three massive scoops of ice cream? Where else can you get that price? They have a branch in Permyjaya if you prefer somewhere closer!

FB | Address :Bandar Baru Permyjaya, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia


All in all I wasn’t expecting Miri to be full of hipster cafes. I guess the hipster scene is finally catching up ey? There’s even food trucks in Miri! Or maybe I’ve been away for far too long…

And that concludes this post and happy coffee hunting! Let me know if there are more cafes I need to try, but these are my top 10s at the moment! Also do you like posts like this? I was thinking of highlighting more for Miri, but tell me what you think!

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    LadyBird Eileen

    finally you write about it. good write up there. i bet there will be more to come 😉

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      Alyssa J

      Thanks Eileen! Glad that you liked it! ☺️☺️☺️ I’m sure there’s more that should made up the list (my brother actually said there’s another one at Pujut..) more coffee sessions then!

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        LadyBird Eileen

        another place to check out is Bittersweet Cafe. liked the ambiance, the brownies and the coffee.probably one of this day, we arrange for a meetup there. 😉

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    I went to Maker’s Cafe. the coffee was really tasty! 🙂

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    Zack Tiang

    Your post came quite late… Seventh cafe is no longer there.

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      Alyssa J

      Really? How is so? I just went like three weeks ago ☹️

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