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My name’s Alyssa Jaren, and this is where I tell my stories. The Jaren Wanders is essentially the brainchild of what kept myself going, the little adventurer with such big dreams in hope she can inspire one way or another; one story at a time. You see, I never considered myself as a strong writer. But I do love to write.¬†Pen and papers became my best friends. And as I jot down ideas, thoughts and emotions it ultimately became my main form of expression. What started out as a nonsensical part-time hobby escalated into something that I truly enjoy, hence the progression of this site.

Growing up I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of seeing the world. I was that kid who spent her time daydreaming of snow, cherry blossoms and the fall of autumn leaves. Soon this became almost an obsession and by the time I turned 21, I went on my first solo backpacking trip to Thailand – and has never looked back ever since. It’s been four years since I started this traveling journey, and to this day the world fascinates me still.

Born and raised in Malaysia, this hardcore Borneo girl has her heart sets in finding what truly matters Рbe it an epic adventure or the simple things in life. To date she has traveled up to 25 countries within the span of 4 years. Currently a postgraduate student in the UK, she hopes to explore the greater side of the world Рand hopefully with more stories to tell.

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